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Power of Attorney

FAQ Document Questions

Why would I need any special documents for my loved one?

As people get older and require more assistance it becomes important to plan for a time where they may need someone else to help out with things. There are different documents for the many situations that fall into this category. Some documents necessary for planning for these situations include: Will Living Will Power of Attorney Power of Attorney for healthcare Joint checking accounts Social Security access for a loved one IRS special form access It is extremely important for you to consult a Lawyer to make sure you have the right documents with the right information for your specific situation. You can access the forms for all of these things easily online however you should still consult with an attorney so you know that everything has been done correctly and you do not have any issues when you need to use them. The need to access someone's personal information is often unexpected, so it is important everything is sorted out before a need arises.

Will every place take my documents without an issue?

The answer to this question is not necessarily. I had some banks give me a much more difficult time then others. Some places wanted additional information within the power of attorney papers that was not there and others were fine with the format. It can be very frustrating when you need to access money to pay a bill or do something for you mom or dad and you have to jump through multiple hoops to get access. Make sure you have a lawyer review and confirm that everything you need is there.

Why would I need a different form for access to Social Security and IRS information? Isn't the power of attorney enough?

This was another thing I found out a little late in the process. The Social Security office and the IRS do not take a power of attorney document as legal access to information. You must call the Social Security office before you need the access and request to be a Payee Rep on a loved one's account. They go through a process that isn't super easy and requires them to interview your aging parent or loved one to make sure you arent taking advatage of their money. You also have some other things you must do regularly which protects the elderly. For the IRS you need to access document 2848 Power of Attorney and Decleration of Representative. Easily printed off the website. This way if you need to help with taxes or have any issues you will be able to talk to the IRS about it.

What about the HIPPA forms at the doctors office?

Make sure that if you have are caring for someone who has medical issues that you are listed on their HIPPA forms so you can access their records and talk to the office about issues that arise or perhaps you need to refill a medication, etc. They will not talk to you unless you have a power of attorney for healthcare and or the HIPPA forms filled out ahead of time. Some places are more strict about it then others but you should be prepared.