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Personal Product Reviews

This page is to help people looking for specific products to help make some things easier for seniors.The reviewed products are ones I have used with my mom or reviewed to assist seniors. When my mom was in need of these types of things we wasted a lot of money trying different products. The links here are to a store called The Wright Stuff .  The store is based in Crystal Springs, MS. It is run by a husband and wife team. The wife is a licensed physical therapist so she has a lot of experience with different products and the needs of older people. The prices of the products are comparable to what you find on Amazon or other retailers but if purchased here  we are supporting a family owned business.  I do have some links to Amazon or other companies if the specific product is not available from The Wright Stuff.



Echo Show (Alexa Device)

This was the MOST important device I ever had for my mom when she was in a facility. She had no use of her hands so we had to find ways to communicate that did not require her to use a device physically.  She was able to call me and I could call her using voice only with this device.  It also allowed me to use a drop In feature where I was able to drop into her apartment without her having to answer it. I could make sure she was ok. If she didn't hear it I could still check in with her. It was literally the saving grace for her time there. I could not recommend it more strongly for anyone especially during these times of Covid and restricted access to some facilities. (There are many different models of the device to choose from)


The Freedom Non Skid Cup Holder


This was something that was so helpful for my mom. It comes with a suction pad so you can put the holder on a table, nightstand or counter and it won't move when trying to access the cup. It was so frustrating for her to constantly spill drinks due to lack of stability. CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO


Freedom Adjustable Folding Cup Holder

This cup is similar but you attach it to a wheelchair.  We liked this one because it was easy to install and collapses so when you are pulling the wheelchair up to a table or going through a door it does not get in the way. Adjusts to different size drinks as well. CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO


    Reminder Rosie Voice Activated Clock

    This is a great clock if mom or dad needs some reminders but feels uncomfortable with you calling everyday. You can set the clock to announce reminders for different things.  This particular model has a large digital appearance as well. CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO  


    Walker or Wheelchair  Accessory Storage Bag

    These bags are great for moving around without having to hold things especially if you have weak or limited hand use as my mom did. She was able to keep a key, some water and various other things when she went to doctor appointments or just to a meal.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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