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What Should You Do First?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If you are reading this post then you are most likely someone who has a loved one that you are helping find a senior living facility to move into.

When you are just getting started looking for a facility I would suggest the first thing you do is make a list of what the most major needs are for your family member. Do you just need an apartment or will you need some medical care as well? Will you need medication management? Do you need assistance with daily activities? After you have an initial list of needs then you decide what type of place you need.

Do you need independent living, assisted living, memory care or a nursing home? You can read about how these places are different on the website under the Topics/Finding a Senior Living Facility section. Once you have decided what type of place you are looking for you must decide what geographical location you want. Some people have specific areas they want to stay in if possible and other people do not care where they go as long as they find the right place.

Once you have your area then you must start looking for facilities either online, by driving around, asking friends, or just looking them up in the yellow pages. Make a list of the facility names, addresses and phone numbers of those you think fit what you need. Then you need to go out and visit each one. Preferably unannounced first. See what is happening when nobody is expecting to take you on a tour. Usually, someone will be available to take you around even if you do not have an appointment.

Check out my website for more detailed steps you can follow and for printable checklists with specific things to consider.

Most importantly, breathe and take it one step at a time:)

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