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What Options Do We Have If Mom or Dad Can't Afford an Assisted Living Facility?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

It is so scary when you feel like you have no other options. Living in Assisted living is very expensive and even more so if you require any type of daily care. If you are in a situation where you are forced to have mom or dad at home then you have a few different options. You can come up with a schedule where you and your siblings or other family members share the daily needs. You can set-up a calendar where each person has a set day or time they will handle certain needs. This is an option that keeps cost low and balances the caregiving out.

If you do not have any help and you are doing it yourself then you have to get creative. Perhaps you can find a neighborhood caregiver that can come in part-time for an hourly fee. You can use companies to find caregivers but there are also local caregiver resources and referrals you can get in your town. Where I live I know a few moms that are now empty nesters and they have started caring for seniors as a new job. They might grocery shop or take them to doctor appointments. They can work short amounts of hours and are often flexible with their time.

Companies may be able to offer more trained caregivers but may become more expensive depending on how much you need them. You should also check with your county for what free or low cost services are offered. There are many of those out there that we do not think to look into. If you feel that you are not able to care for them at home for any reason at all you can find facilities that will take your loved one if they qualify for Medicaid. You should always go visit the facilities in person and get all the information you can about what is required. If they qualify which most do then they will be covered in full and will be able to move in. While none of us want to put our loved one in a facility on Medicaid if we have no choice then we do what is best. Remember that your own health and wellbeing is important. Caregiving is exhausting and can interfere with your own job, health and family so make sure that whatever you choose it is what is best for you, your family and mom or dad.

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