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What Is Respite Care & How Can It Help Caregivers?

Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. It can be something you use for an afternoon or for a few weeks. It can be provided to someone at their home or at many assisted living or nursing homes facilities. Caring for a parent or someone you love is incredibly demanding and can easily cause burnout for the caregiver. Respite care offers them a chance to get a break, take a vacation or take care of other things they need to do.

Respite fees depend on how long and where you are receiving services. Sadly most of these services are not covered by insurance but they should be. Insurance companies would save money in the long run if caregivers were able to get a break. They could then care for their loved ones for longer periods of time and keep them well cared for which would save insurance companies money paying for hospital visits and other costs.

Many of the places that take residents for short term respite stays are furnished so you don't have to worry about furniture and instead just personal items. One benefit of these stays is that it also gives your loved one a chance to try out a facility and see if they like it in case they have been considering a move like that in the future.

Caregivers need a break from taking care of seniors and loved ones with needs. It is crucial to take care of yourself first so that you can go the long haul and continue the care if that is what you choose to do. I have been a caregiver and I have seen respite care. It is important. If you are caring for someone and need a break please check out the website for the National Respite Network. It has several resources and can also takes you to various other sites that can help someone find a respite situation that works for them. www.archrespit.org

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