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What Is A Needs Assessment? They Are Required Before Moving To Most Senior Living Facilities

Before someone can move into any senior living facility, someone from the nursing department should conduct an in-person assessment of the person's health. They should be assessing exactly what the needs are both physically and cognitively. They will also gather medical records and ask for authorization to contact your doctor. As much as these notes can provide a lot of information they must still come and meet with the person. The reason for this in person assessment is to figure out what level of care they will need when they move in and what that care will cost you. They should also confirm that they are qualified and equipped with any and all care required.

Some of the things they will assess when they do their visit include things like, level of bathroom assistance, fall risk, mobility, and cognitive ability. Once the assessment is completed they will discuss care needs and if approved you will be able to move in. Residents will continue to be assessed throughout their stay in case needs change. Make sure to ask at the beginning of your meeting how often assessments will be completed and how you will be informed of any changes.

Sometimes facilities need new residents so much that they sometimes say they can care for needs they may not actually be able to. For example some facilities can do any wood care. Some places have a 24 hour nurse and some only have one there during the day and early evening. There are laws for different types of facilities about what care they can provide. Make sure you understand what the care limits are before you make a decision to move there. It is a violation of some laws to take in residents with needs if the facility can't adequately meet them.

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