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What Can I Do For You In Your Process That You Can't Do Yourself?

The answer to that question is really nothing. You can do everything if you have the knowledge, research, personal connections and the time. However, most of us do not and when we are in the middle of it faced with many emotions and concerns the process can simply overwhelm you and add to an already difficult situation.

As a consultant for you I can weed through all the websites, companies and agencies. I can get past the person answering the phone to get you the most personal service and the most reputable places to look into. I can break things down for you into smaller steps that allow you to do your own research and make a decision that is best for you and your loved one.

I can also help you in the negotiations with senior living facilities and give you important information to think about that will play a huge role in your pricing. One of the best things I can offer you is that I am working directly for you. I do not receive commission from any facilities, agencies or companies. Most of the other places that assist you in this will receive a benefit if you choose a particular place or company. My sole responsibility is to help you in every way possible so that YOU can make the best decision possible whatever that may be.

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