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The Little Things

One of the things that seems so mundane and something I know I take for granted is washing clothes. I can wash my clothes when I want and I can use the fabric softener I like so they smell good and I know what to hang and what to dry. My mom can't do any of those things. So the assistants at the facility she is at do if for her once a week. When we first began living there they were writing her name in some of her clothing and or putting a piece of tape in with her name. This was of course so it would always get back to her room.

I would think that when the do the laundry they would do one person's room at a time since the laundry is about a load or two at the most for the majority of people. There is a washer and dryer in each hall so they use that and any resident who prefers to do their own can use them as well. We started getting other people's laundry back with ours and began missing certain items. It was frustrating and getting costly.

One day I came to see her and she got upset about how frustrating it was. I offered to start doing it for her and so I come and take it home each week, wash it, fold it and bring it back to her. I do it my house where the machines are bigger and I can make them smell good. A little thing that makes her very happy. Every time I bring them back to her she comments about how nice they look. Sometimes it is frustrating when I am busy and do not have much time for my own things but when I think about how this small thing means a lot to her I realize it is worth it. As seniors get older they appreciate things we think are nothing. Important for all of us caring for someone to remember.

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