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The Importance Of Getting Into Facilities That Take Medicaid Before You Run Out Of Money

One of the most frustrating things for seniors is that, as they get older, many of them do not have enough money to afford quality senior care at home or at a facility. If they do not need additional care, the cost of living in an assisted living facility is likely workable, but this is rarely the case for the average individual. The additional care is what costs a lot of money, can often drain funds quickly, and is unfortunately almost always needed.

If you are not able to care for mom or dad at your own house and they need a lot of care, you really have the choice of home health care or putting them into a facility. In order to get into most facilities you need to have a decent amount of money at the beginning. If you think that you will eventually run out and will need to apply for Medicaid, then you will want to find a facility that accepts Medicaid when that time comes. Most assisted living facilities are private pay and do not take Medicaid, so you are usually limited to nursing homes.

If you start out in an assisted living place and decide (when you are almost out of money) to go to a nursing home and apply for Medicaid, you may very likely run into an issue finding a place that will accept you. The waiting list for Medicaid beds for people who have very little money left in savings is years long for most facilities. The nursing homes will typically take people who have money to pay for a few years out of pocket before they will allow you to apply for Medicaid and remain in the facility. This is not how it should work but it is sadly the truth. Of course, it is possible to find places with available Medicaid beds. However, it is not easy, and when you do find one the facility can be rated poorly for quality of care. Yes, unfortunately, Medicaid seniors are often forced to receive care that is not as good as it should be, all because they didn’t start out with enough money when looking for a nursing home.

Make sure that you consult with a Medicaid attorney or specialist before you are low on money so that you have time to plan ahead. It is also imperative that you understand the Medicaid rules years before you need them. Check out my website's printable page for information on the rules of Medicaid that may apply to you moving forward. If you give away money within five years of applying for Medicaid you may have to pay it all back prior to being approved. This is crucial for finding the best possible place for someone in need. Click on the photo below for information of Medicaid.

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