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The Best Gift For Seniors Is Being Around Others

This time of year can be difficult for many of us and for some seniors even more so. My mom does not have the ability to leave the facility she lives in on her own. She is dependent on someone to take her places so the holidays can be a little tough for her. While the facilities decorate and try and do many festive things my mom is still alone a lot of the time. What gives her the most joy in the world is when someone comes to see her. Her face lights up:). It does not matter what I bring her.

My daughter participates in a choir that rehearses weekly and then once or twice a month they go to senior facilities and sing for them. After they sing they spend some time talking with the residents. They kneel down and touch their hands ask them questions and bring incredible joy to them. It is something that helps seniors but also helps the kids understand and respect elderly people and learn compassion. We have been lucky enough that the group performs for my mom's facility each year.

Whenever I go over to see my mom her face lights up when I walk in. She always says "I am so happy to see you". She really is. When you live in a facility life is often the same each day. Same people, same routine and the same scenery. So when people come to visit it changes up the day and adds an element of surprise and comfort to them. So while we all get busy with our days if you have a senior living in a facility try and take some extra time to be present and spend some time just being together. While gifts are wonderful they really do not mean as much as seeing friends and family.

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