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Thank You To All The Caregivers For The Big And Small Things You Do For Seniors

Although there is clearly a general shortage of caregivers across the nation, it is especially prevalent now with Covid 19. There are many people working extra hours, making sure that they are doing their job with exceptional care, and showing residents respect and dignity even though they may also be worried about their own health.

They are remembering to smile and say something cheerful which can change the mood of an elderly person in a moment. I was on the phone with my mom the other day, and a maintenance man knocked on the door and came in. He told my mom he had the wrong room by accident. Instead of just closing the door he said hi to her. He asked how she was doing. When she said “you know,” he said he did know. He smiled and told her he hadn’t seen her in a while but that he hoped he would have to come back soon so he could check on her. When he closed the door my mom told me what a nice guy he was and how he was always happy. It brought a smile to her face and right now I would give anything to see that happen as much as possible.

There are also many other people working so hard to take care of our loved ones during a very difficult time. To those people we all thank you and are grateful for the difficult job you do each day. Thank you for doing what’s right and dignified when nobody is there to see it. ❤️

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