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Special People Exist

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

So as much as there will always be difficult things about senior living and the care provided there are many wonderful things happening. It is those moments that make you feel like everything will be ok. My mom has a new assistant who wakes her up in the morning. We trust these caregivers to do what is necessary and for my mom that includes cleaning her body and even brushing her teeth. My mom could not wait to tell me how happy she was that the new caregiver was so upset at how those things had not been done well on my mom. She cleaned behind her ears and brushed her teeth for a long time. These are the things that made my mom so happy. This is why we put my mom in senior assisted living because we are paying for someone to do those things. This women is so kind and spends more time than she probably has to make sure my mom is cleaned everywhere even where nobody would notice. This is what makes both me and my mom happy.

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