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Some Senior Care Facilities Will Tell You Anything You Want To Hear

Finding a senior living facility is a daunting process. It is overwhelming but necessary for many of us. It is important to be aware of a few things throughout your search. Senior care places are similar to apartment buildings. The person you talk to when you go to tour them is in fact a sales person. It is their job to show you around the facility and talk up all the wonderful things that it has to offer and to help you come to really like it so you decide that you or your loved one must live there. There are in fact many wonderful things at these places and so many different amenities to learn about and consider.

When you tour a facility and seem to like a place you start to ask questions about things that concern you or are important necessities in a facility. You might ask what happens when the money runs low and you can't afford to live there anymore? What you might hear from some of these sale people is how they will help you find a new place that accepts Medicaid so you do not need to worry. What this usually means is that when you can't pay for their facility anymore they will let you know you need to leave and give you the names of a few places to call. They will not actually guide you through the process and help you find a new place. Make sure you know everything about the Medicaid process before you move anywhere if that is something that you may need moving forward. Some nursing facilities will assist with the Medicaid paperwork and process but usually it is when the facility is already Medicaid eligible and you are going to remain there pending approval. Make sure that when someone gives you an answer you ask them to give you more details and to put it in writing.

Many of the sales people are pleasant, knowledgeable people but they are in sales and their job is to make you love the facility and to get you to sign a contract or put down a deposit. Some of them will tell you anything they can to make you sign. Make sure you are an eligible consumer and that you know what to ask and what is accurate information before you commit to anything. Click here to print out free helpful documents that can assist you in your search. Feel free to contact me with more questions at pam@seniorlivingsupport.com.

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