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Some Senior Facilities Are Now Accepting New Residents Even Though Covid Concerns Are Up

Although Covid-19 is extremely widespread there are some facilities that are still taking new residents. All of them are following strict quarantine rules as you move in. This usually means staying in your room for 10-14 days and getting a Covid test when just prior to move and again at end of quarantine. Many people have just been keeping older people at their family homes during this time due to isolation concerns but there are many people who are simply not able to care for their loved ones at home and have no choice but to find a facility. If mom or dad have been in the hospital for something like a stroke or fall and were then moved to a rehab place, they may be discharged shortly yet still need long term care.

The rehab facilities have discharge coordinators that do assist families to some degree with finding a new facility but they also expect the family to get out there and figure out which one they want and will not point you towards one facility or another due to government regulations. This can be extremely stressful for the family and the patient. Feeling desperate to some degree makes it seem like you need to find anywhere that will take mom or dad and not allow the time necessary to make sure you are finding a good fit with proper care and cost.

Make sure when you call different facilities that you ask the important questions. What is the Covid-19 protocol for moving including quarantine time? Will visitors be allowed and if not how will you be able to stay in contact with your loved one? That one sounds like an easy one, you can just call them right? Many people are unable to make phone calls or FaceTime without assistance so make sure to ask how that will be handled. Get everything in writing so you know what will happen and you have something to go back to if things do not go as they should.

If you need assistance putting together a plan on how to find a senior living facility or home health care please feel free to reach out to I have a lot of first hand experience and I really can help make things a little easier for you as you move through the process.

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