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So Beautiful

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

My Mother-in-law passed away back in February. She was in a few facilities but ended her life in an amazing memory care place. I say amazing because I witnessed some amazing things at this place. The most memorable was the deep caring and compassion shown by everyone from the top people to the everyday caregivers. What happened when she passed away was the most beautiful.

She died under hospice care in the morning. Several family members gathered by her after she had passed. When the funeral home came to pick up her body. The facility informed the family that they had a procedure they like to follow when someone has passed away and is leaving the facility. What they did was so heartwarming. They covered her body on the gurney the funeral home had put her on with this beautiful special floral quilt. When she was wheeled out of the room several staff members were gathered around the door along with our family.

The director said a prayer for her and talked about her briefly. Then the funeral director took a minute to tell us all that when you are sad it means you had love. So the fact that all of us were so sad means we were lucky. Lucky that we had so much love for her. As they wheeled her down the hall and out to the car the staff all followed the gurney all the way out and then spent some time hugging all the family and talking with us. All I could think of was that I hoped that every person could leave this earth with that kind of goodness, compassion and love. The people at this facility were honestly the best group I have seen in the many places I have been.

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