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Senior Living State Inspection Info

How can I find out about the state inspections for facilities I am thinking about visiting?

If you go to and go to “find a nursing home” you can put in your zipcode and see the health inspections, staffing, number of residents and more for many senior living facilities. It gives you some very important information that you can add to your research. Keep in mind that all facilities have health inspections issues and that does not make them bad facilities. You look for recurring problems and how serious those problems are. You should also look for those issues, when you go visit the facilities.

One very important thing to remember is that the state statistics are only a moment in time and are not always up to date nor are they 100% accurate. You should also think about the fact that the ratings are of a facility has "MET" the requirements. A facility that is providing the required care and not violating any state requirements is not necessarily providing the best care. You should use this information as another tool to add to your personal visits and other research.

One of the services I can provide for you is to show you how to get all this information. I also have met many of the people running these facilities and have also been to many of them and know a lot about them. Knowledge is your power so get as much as you can!

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