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Saying Goodbye To A Parent

No matter how someone loses a parent it is beyond difficult. I have now lost both of them. My dad died a few years ago and my beautiful mother died a week or so ago. She fought so much over the past 5 years and faced incredible circumstances that left her completely dependent on others. If you follow this blog you know she moved in with me a month or so ago and was able to pass away peacefully with me holding her hand. I was lucky I could bring her to my house and care for her there. Many people are not able to do that and they lose their parents while living in a senior facility. Due to Covid-19 that has been extremely difficult for many families.

One of the toughest parts of losing someone right now is that you can't have the funeral and traditions you would normally have due to limited numbers of people being able to attend. Making sure to social distance means you can't hug family and friends like you normally would. You can't have a lunch after or mourn with friends and family. These circumstances make grieving incredibly difficult and painful.

My mom is the reason I started this website and business. It was the years of caring for her and moving her in and out of senior living places and working with many caregivers that I realized the positive and of course the pitfalls of senior living. I also experienced myself the incredible strength it takes both physically and mentally to care for someone with great needs. We have now created a caregiver memorial fund which will continue in her name. I plan to continue this website, as well as find new ways to improve care for seniors living in facilities, as well as those receiving care at home. This will be my life's work and will allow my mom's memory to live on and improve care for others.

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