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Respite Care During Covid 19

Despite the pandemic we are experiencing there are still families out there that need temporary care for seniors. Respite care is another name for temporary live in care available to seniors at various type of facilities. The care can be for a few weeks or months. Perhaps someone is moving or caregivers are going on vacation or just need a break from the demanding job of caregiver.

Most facilities have rooms available that are furnished with the basics and seniors are able to bring in additional items. Potential residents will receive an evaluation like any other resident so they know if they can meet any medical or memory care needs. Cost is usually a daily rate based on the room and then additional fees for specific needs of the resident.

One thing to be aware of with Covid-19 is that planning for respite care involves planning ahead. Your loved one will need to get tested within a week prior to entering the facility and most likely will be asked to quarantine upon move in for ten to fourteen days in the room without the ability to move about the facility. All meals will be brought to the room and staff will handle any needs in the room during that time. Some facilities will require the test be given by the facility and others will allow an outside test as long as they bring proof of a negative test.

Respite care is an incredibly valuable service that is needed for many families and caregivers. If you are in need of this care for someone you love during the current Covid-19 crises then make sure to give yourself some time to plan and make sure to get all the details for the specific facility that will be caring for them.

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