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Pros And Cons Of Using A Home Health Agency Versus A Private Caregiver

It can be a difficult decision to make when you are in need of a home health caregiver. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each. If you hire through an agency you will benefit from background checks and verification of certifications and experience. You will also have workers compensation and liability insurance. One of the most important things for many people is counting on someone being there when they are supposed to. If you use a company and the caregiver is sick they should be able to send a substitute person out so that the needs are met for that day.

There are also some benefits in hiring a private caregiver. You have total control over who does all the caregiving. You have more freedom in determining the duties that person will perform. You may also find that hiring a private person may cost less than one through an agency.

The drawbacks of an agency are often that they tend to be more expensive and you could have days where someone other than your regular person comes out. The reason that agencies are higher is because of the insurance they must carry and the other costs associated with a company, however those things can often protect you when something happens.

When you hire a private caregiver you will have to do all the background and licensing checks and handle all the taxes and payment. You would not have insurance unless you purchased it yourself or it is specifically included in your homeowners. Most importantly, if your caregiver is sick there is not another one ready to come out that day and assist. That may or may not be a bigger problem for people depending on the needs they have. While it is clear that both options offer positives and negatives it comes down to what is best for the person and their specific needs.

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