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Product Reviews On The Website To Save People Money

If you go to the product review tab on this website you will find a few different products I have personally used to care for and help my mom or if not I have reviewed them personally, but ended up not needing to use them for her issues. I have constructed this page to help people find useful products for seniors with specific needs in and out of facilities. I spent so much money trying things I hoped would work and then had to spend more for a different or better product. I wish that someone had shared products with me early on. Some of these products are for specific needs and some are just everyday products for seniors that are extremely helpful. My mom benefitted greatly from the Echo Show device that works with Alexa. She had no hand use so she was able to call me and see me by voice. I was also able to "drop in" on her without her having to hear the ring. This allowed me to check on her anytime and gave me incredible peace of mind when I was unable to be there in person due to Covid-19.

I actually purchased 5 different cup holders for her wheelchair. I read the reviews online but those products never worked on her chair and they kept breaking. I finally found one that was collapsable and held up well on the chair. It also adjusted to hold different size cups. If you have a specific product you are looking for or an issue that your loved one is dealing with, I encourage you to email me and fill me in on your needs so that I can provide some recommendations for you. You can email me at

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