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New Senior Living Webinar Series

I am working on a new series of webinar videos to provide more content and personal assistance to families and seniors. They will be on various topics I believe will be helpful for people including specific suggestions from all of you. The videos will be available on this website in addition to various social media platforms. My hope is to reach more people and provide more specialized information to assist families and seniors in finding care both in facilities and at home.

If you have topics you would like more specific or personalized information about please click this link and send me an email with that information. I will not be using contact information to market but solely to create content for people. Some of the topics I am working on now are:

The pros and cons of using companies to find a senior facility.

How the process works when you walk into a facility for a tour.

Things you can do to make sure your loved one is safe and being treated well in a facility.

How facilities charge you for services if you need them.

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