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Moving My Mom In With Me

Sometimes the hardest things are the right things. My mom has been in a facility for the past several years but a few weeks ago after much consideration, I realized I needed to bring her home to my house. She has been on hospice for a while due to congestive heart failure as a result of aortic valve stenosis. My mom has suffered greatly over the past years from a spinal issue as well as a variety of other issues prior to the heart valve.

The process of moving an elderly person physically in addition to one that is very sick is a difficult one. The most difficult part is the mental change of daily routine and caregivers. My mom has had the same schedule each day for many years and for the most part the same faces coming to assist her. Now she would be going to my house where for the most part I am the caregiver and the routine is whatever we decide. While I am hoping to add some home health care aids to the routine at some point, right now we are getting settled in.

I have had to learn how to care for her, give her all her medications, help her with all her daily living activities along with the nurse and aid from hospice that come a few times a week. Learning how to move someone the right way and how to do things like move them up in a bed when they slide down has been an education.I have turned my den into a room for her which she says is very cozy and she feels calm and relaxed there.

I am able to check on her all the time and if she needs something she can easily let me know. I am watching the changes in my mom as she declines and you learn so much in that process. I have learned to be patient, to talk quietly and ask questions that may sometimes either not get answered or take some time to come. My mom lost control of her daily life back in 2016 when her hand use was lost due to a spinal issue so anytime I can give her some control or power about a decision or something else I realize how important that is to her.

This is going to be a difficult experience as I am well aware of how much work it is being a caregiver:) I also know the attention she is receiving now and the time with family, a quiet relaxing environment and my dog are all going to make the time she has left more comforting.

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