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Monthly Versus Daily Fee Senior Living

One thing that I was not aware of was that assisted living facilities and nursing homes often have different fee plans. Assisted living usually charges residents by the month. There is pro-rating done when you move it but not when you leave. So if you move in mid month they will only charge you for the days you are there. When you give notice you are leaving the facility there is still a full month paid depending on when you leave. So you really need to plan how you will leave. You will want to try and manage that so you pay for a month but leave by the end of it. When you leave that means the room is cleaned out fully by month's end. This can be difficult as often the access to the new place and the ending of the old do not always work together. These facilities also require you to bring in your own incontinence products and paper goods such as paper towel and toilet paper. Some of these facilities will offer feeding assistance and some will have another company who comes in to provide it. These fees can be per meal and time based.

A lot of the nursing homes charge by the day. So if you decide to leave a facility you would not have to pay for days you are not there receiving care. The daily fees differ based on private rooms versus shared and what kind of care you require. Nursing homes also have some additional daily fees for example if you need a wheelchair rental or incontinence products. These places also typically supply all paper products and bed linens. Feeding assistance is included in the daily nursing care rate and is not an additional expense.

One thing I always suggest is using making a chart that you can use to compare major costs of each place and look at them side by side. Go to the printables tab for a cost comparison chart.

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