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Many Families Can't Find A Senior Facility Accepting New Residents Right Now

With all of the concerns regarding Covid 19, it seems there is another one to add to the list. Many families trying to find senior care for loved ones are having trouble finding a place that is currently able to take new residents. Private pay facilities are making decisions based on the company and facility and what they believe they need to do during this crisis. Several are holding off so as not to expose other people to the virus as many of them have residents with the virus at this time. There are some others, however, that are still taking new residents by way of virtual tours online.

What is becoming a very big concern is the seniors that are looking for assisted living or nursing care in a facility that has a Medicaid option when money runs out. There are many people who are recovering from injuries and illnesses at rehab centers and are now being discharged but are unable to return to their independent living situation. This is becoming very scary for many families as they are panicking about what to do.

Most Medicaid type facilities have long waiting lists or want a large sum of money first in order to guarantee you a bed when your money is depleted. If you have some (but not much) money left and will require state assistance in the future, your options are extremely limited if at all available. The explanations I am hearing are: We need more money up front, your needs are too great for this facility, your needs are not great enough for this facility, we have no rooms available and our wait list is more than a year long. Yes, a year for some state facilities. Obviously, several of the facilities are on a freeze due to Covid 19 which I completely understand but what does that mean for the families with immediate urgent need? Many family members are unable to take in a parent for a variety of reasons and usually the biggest one is inability to care for their needs properly.

We need to do more to assist those in need with dwindling retirement and savings who need care and a place to live. Many families will be faced with taking in parents or loved ones as they age if we do not find more options for those who are not financially set for a long retirement or sudden health issue which is most of us.

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