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Many Facilities Have Low Occupancy. What Does That Mean For You?

Many senior living facilities have lost residents to Covid-19. Some families have chose to move family members into their own homes due to the risk of Covid-19 spread and of course the intense isolation from family and friends due to quarantine rules. There have also been a number of deaths in most places due to a variety of illnesses in addition to Covid-19.

Most Senior facilities are taking new residents at this time, however they have strict procedures which include a period of quarantine when you move in and proof of a negative test just prior to moving in. Make sure that you find out all the procedures for whatever places you are considering so there are no surprises. You may not be able to physically check in on your family member for the first 10-14 days or more that they are there except by phone of course.

With many facilities facing lower occupancy at this time that means they will be working extra hard to find new residents. They may be offering deals or extra benefits to get you to move in. This may be an advantage for some families. If you have a loved one in a facility right now you may be in store for price increases. Many care centers are going to have to make up lost revenue by raising things like the rent or personal care services more than the usual yearly amount. Feel free to ask questions about any and all increases. Facilities have had to spend more money for some things, however they have also saved some money by having limited activities and guest events and most meals have been provided in apartments with more limited menus.

For those of you who have a senior needing care at home the effects of Covid-19 and lower facility occupancy means that home health care companies are running short on staffing. Finding good qualified staff during normal times is a challenge, but right now it is especially difficult. The demand for at home caregivers has risen dramatically. Keep this in mind if you think you may need care for someone at home. Make sure you start making your calls and interviewing companies as far in advance as you can so you give them plenty of time to find someone for your when you are ready to start care.

If you need any tips or assistance about how to get started in your care search I can help you. Feel free to contact me anytime at

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