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Learning The Why Is Important

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Visited a new senior center that is all memory care the other day. I learned so much about how a good facility is set-up physically and visually to provide the best environment for seniors with memory issues. Often times we go to places and we look at how new the building is and how pretty the carpet and furniture is. These things are certainly important features. However, they are not always what is most important for this kind of home.

Make sure that when you visit facilities you know learn as much of the "why" as you can. I learned about why this particular place has a sidewalk that goes around the entire building and feels like you are outside at a park. It has a fence around it that does not allow you to see past the fence. Why the path? Residents are able to walk outside anytime they choose and walk around the building as they are safely protected. The set it up to give them a free feeling and allow them to feel less restricted. Why is the fence not see through? If a person sees what is on the other side they might want to go there or feel sad they can't. These are some really important features that all facilities do not have and if they do we often "see" them but do not understand the why which is really important.

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