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It Is So Hard

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Obviously watching my mom after this horrible injury and seeing how she can't do much of anything without assistance it is just heartbreaking. I try to look at all sides of it. I tell myself that at least she can talk and move her body and stand with assistance. She is better than many other people. This is true it really is. However, she still can't do much of anything without constant assistance. She is in this rehab facility working hard on her hands but not much is getting better. She can't go to the bathroom, scratch her face, eat or participate it activities involving her hands which is most things. She can't use her phone. She has basically lost all control. That is a very tough thing to accept. I feel so sad for her and yet proud of her for at least working hard on the rehab hoping it will make things better.

As I would come to visit her almost everyday I would get to really observe the facility. It is really the first time you pay attention to everything because now your loved one is there. You see the possibility of them having to stay there or in a place similar. It is a reality check for sure.

I would see many residents sitting in their wheelchairs in the hallway just sleeping. Other people just staring at televisions and laying in their beds. It just seems so sad. I know that some of these people do not have family members coming to visit them or take care of them. Nobody to watch out for their care. At least my mom has me and I am able to make sure she is getting what she needs and being treated as well as is possible. For that I am grateful.

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