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Is The Special Offer A Facility Is Offering You Right Now Really A Deal?

All of us are looking for a good deal and especially these days with the current state of Covid 19. Senior living is extremely expensive, so understanding the costs is crucial for families in order to know when a special deal is actually a discount. I have seen many advertisements for facilities offering special deals and even a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your living arrangements after a few months. What does that really mean? One of the deals I recently saw was an offer for seniors to receive a refund on the community fee you pay to move into the facility.

First you need to understand what that fee is for exactly. A community fee is common in most facilities and is described as a fee in order for the facility to get the room ready and start all the services required when a new resident moves in. It would be important to ask your potential community what exactly is included in their particular community fee. That fee will range from $1,500-$5,000 depending on the place. If an offer says you will get this money back if you are not happy with the living arrangement, does that mean that you will be able to move out without any fees and then receive that money back in full after you leave? Make sure you read the contract before you sign and that you get in writing what that actually means.

Many facilities require that their residents give a certain amount of notice prior to moving out or they will be required to pay the monthly rent even if they move out before that required notice is given. What exactly does "not satisfied" actually mean? If you want more information on how the community fee works and or how deals are made with senior facilities I would encourage you to contact me so I can educate you before you make a decision without all the available knowledge you deserve to make a good decision.

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