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Helpful Apps To Help Caregivers & Seniors Stay Organized & Connected

Caregiving for someone is an incredibly stressful job for anyone. There are several apps now that can help make things easier and more organized for caregivers and their families. One of the apps is called Carezone. The app lets you store and manage important documents in one place upload medical records, advance directives, insurance, and other important contact information. It also allows you to scan pill bottles with your smartphone camera and record dosages and schedules for medication. There is also a great section that will enable you to share appointments and other care with family and friends.

Lotsa Helping Hands is an app that helps organize care for elderly parents. It creates and coordinates a care village around your loved one in one place. You can add whomever you want to the group and then schedule rides, meals, and any other help needed. It also allows sharing of photos and messages.

Medisafe is an excellent app for managing medications and prescriptions. It sends personalized messages and reminders for taking drugs and the dosage. It also tracks when and if you take it. It will alert you if someone misses a drug and counts pills when refills are needed. You can also use some additional features that organize doctor appointments and include a calendar.

The following two apps are for monitoring the care of a loved one. They are Ecare21 and Simple. Ecare21 monitors health 24/7 in real-time. It is a wearable fitness tracker. It collects and compares heart rate, activity, weight, calorie intake, and medications, including glucose levels. The Symple app makes it simple to track and document daily symptoms that may affect health, such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, etc. You can then share these at doctor appointments without going by memory.

There are several other apps out there that can do various things, but these are a few to start with. Anything that you can do to make caregiving easier is worth the effort, and the more people you can work with within a care plan, the better it is for everyone.

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