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Have You Ever Called A Senior Facility Family Hotline To Report A Concern?

Most senior living facilities have a phone number that residents can call to report concerns about residents, staff or anything else as well as positive compliments or just a suggestion. When you call, there is a person who answers an 800 number and takes down your concern. They tell you that they will pass it on to the appropriate person, and, to quote one I spoke with, "if they think it is something they need to look into they will and they most likely won't get back to you personally due to the number of calls they get, but if they do want to talk to you they will contact you."

I have never received a call back or contact from any concern I have ever made via one of these numbers. When I tried to contact the corporate offices I was constantly redirected to that number, and, as I have written about in previous posts, the corporate Board of Director emails are all hidden or blocked from being used by anyone outside the company.

I am also aware of several staff members in several facilities that have used these numbers to report staff conduct violations and have also never received a return call or contact. The complaint goes right to the executive director of the property, and they can ignore it or do whatever they see fit. So the top people for these companies often do nothing with these concerns.

That needs to change. How can staff and residents get support and attention from the people in charge if those top people are not responding to the concerns? I am currently working on ways to change this procedure and to get the attention of the people who need to take responsibility for what's happening locally in their facilities.

If anyone has ever made a complaint to a corporate number or email and not received a response or actually did receive one, please contact me and tell me your story. You can send stories and concerns to

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