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Happy Holidays

So much to be thankful for yet for many people these times have been especially hard. Many people are currently caring for elderly parents in their homes and also dealing with very difficult daily situations due to Covid-19. Many families who have parents in facilities are dealing with the stress of limited contact and many protective procedures. While these procedures are to protect our loved ones they have been so stressful for everyone. Many of us, myself included have lost parents this year.

There are many families who have a grandparent living with them this year due to Covid-19 and other reasons as well. This can certainly make the holidays special and offer some aspects of family that we are not always able to have, but it can also be difficult. The stress of day to day caregiving is exhausting and trying to make the holidays special for your immediate family in addition to your extended is a lot of work.

I hope that 2021 will bring what we have all been hoping for. More time with each other in person and the option of a vaccine especially for the elderly. Finding senior care and available home care with Covid has been a struggle for many and 2021 looks to offer more opportunity for finding the care we need for our loved ones and more access to facilities.

If anyone is in need of care for mom or dad and isn't sure where to start I hope you will read some of the other pages of my website and reach out to me with your questions. I look forward to helping support you, as well as provide as much knowledge as I can to help you through this difficult time.

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