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Executive Directors Need To Know More Of What Is Going On

One thing I have come to learn in the several places we have been in and out of for various things is that the executive director of a facility is the person in charge. They are the top person running the facility day to day. It is always important when you tour a place or when you move into a place that you and the family get to know the executive director.

I have also learned that these people often come and go in a facility. Of course there are some places that have had the same one for a while but this job is difficult and often people leave to move to other facilities. It usually happens with little warning to residents. The few times this has happened for us we have hear about it when the person is about to leave.

When I have issues that I need to deal with regarding care of my mom I always email the nurse manager and include the executive director as well. I feel it is important for everyone to be on the same page. What I realize is that if you do not include the director they often never hear about the issue so they can't follow up on it.

It is a very difficult job of course so I understand that they can't possibly know everything at all times but there should be sharing of information. When my mom had an emergency last week and some issues came up I decided it was important to go right to the director as I felt that maybe my first few attempts to make some improvements were not being heard by anyone.

When I spoke to her she was very nice and seemed to be receptive to my issues which most of them are. When you are in front of them with your issues they are very nice and seem to want to help. I also discovered that they often are not made aware of issues, complaints or family concerns. Meaning the nurse manager and caregivers do not share issues with them a lot of the time. She had no idea about the issues I was upset about. She did say she would discuss them with everyone and make sure that things were taken care of.

I was very nice as I always am although I was very frustrated at the lack of action I was getting. So after our meeting I wrote a confirmation email to everyone confirming all that was discussed and making sure everyone understood the new plan in place. I am hoping we get some consistent improvement going forward.

As I say in much of my advice, communication is key and especially with the executive director.

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