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Covid 19 Testing For Everyone At Mom's Assisted Living Facility

I received an email from the facility my mom lives in indicating that they were going to test the entire building including staff and residents for Covid 19. I completely understand that they want to try and find out who has the virus so they understand what is happening in the building. I guess I am a little concerned about the fact that the tests done today are only as good as that one day. Unless you consistently test everyone it can only do so much. The building has had no visitors since March and many residents have been staying in their rooms and yet they still saw cases of the virus as it is impossible to keep all staff who are coming and going entirely quarantined.

I think what is most surprising to me is that they have indicated that if a resident tests positive they will need to leave the facility. They have arranged to have residents who test positive (but are asymptomatic) move to a hotel they are working with to wait out the quarantine days. They will transport people there, provide meals and staffing all as part of what you already pay for your apartment. You can also choose to go live with family, although I am not sure sending an elderly person with Covid 19 to live with healthy family members would be a safe choice.

What happens if your needs are significant or you or on hospice? I assume if you are positive and have symptoms they would already have known this and you would be in the hospital or quarantining in your room. If you go to a hospital but are not in need of ICU or serious medical help you will be sent home to recover. Where would someone go from the hospital if they can't go back to their house or to family? There has been discussion of some people going to skilled nursing centers as well. I certainly understand the concern to get sick people away from those who are not and this situation is very difficult but the protocol I thought was to stay in place if you are positive but managing your symptoms. Moving people around seems like additional risk and also not something that you can sustain if you are not going to test the remaining people in the facility every day I am also concerned about the floor my mom is on that has many people with significant health issues and some on hospice.

This link below does not say anything about removing people from facilities just for testing positive but since this facility is assisted living with all private pay and not a nursing facility the choices of what to do may be different. So much is written in regards to "nursing homes" as opposed to "assisted living" facilities. This is a very difficult situation and it is hard to know what is best for everyone.

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