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Choosing The First Place

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

When my mom was in the hospital after this injury the first decision we had to make involving senior facilities was finding a rehabilitation place for her to go from the hospital. While the hospital gives you some referrals you have to go see them all and get the information you need to decide where to go. I visited several of them and was not even sure what to ask. This first round of searching was at least temporary. I knew we wouldn't be here for a long time and so if things did not go well it would only be for a little while.

The place I chose turned out to be ok. The rehab she got was very good but the other care I would say was average. The facility was a rehab center as well as a long term care facility so while some patients were just temporary many were living there permanently. There was often a staff shortage. We would be told that there were not enough people on any given shift where things weren't going well. If nobody responded to her request for a nurse to food tray was late we would be told they were short staffed that day.

I think one of the most eye opening things to happen while I was there was when someone came in and took my mother's meal tray out after she was done eating. I went into the hallway a few minutes later to see the staff member eating leftover fruit off my mother's tray. I think this was my first does of the reality of some senior care places. This was also where we learned the importance of putting things in writing. When we had an issue such as the one above I contacted the head nurse manager and explained what happened along with a few other things. While she apologized I think her lack of surprise bothered me the most. This was not the first time these things had happened.The positive side was that the rehab she received was excellent and the people who provided it were extremely kind to her.

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