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Caregivers - True Colors?

Today I took my kids over to see my mom. After we spent some time with her I remembered I needed to drop off a bottle of Ibuprofen to the nurses station. One of them had called me Friday letting me know that her dentist had written an order for it due to some jaw pain. I walked into the office and the head nurse manager was sitting at the desk. Not the usual nurses but the manager which told me they were shorthanded again and higher up staff was filling in other positions.

She was talking to a women and she looked up at me with this look of disgust like I was bothering her. I told her I was dropping off a bottle of ibuprofen for my mom per a nurses request. She just said "oh, who is your mom?" She was so unfriendly and the fact that she did not know who my mom was shocked me since I had spoken to her numerous times one on one regarding things with my mom. Not only did she not know me but she was so rude. After I said my mom's name she lit up and smiled and looked at the other women and said "I love Phyllis". It was so fake and not genuine. I just turned and walked away.

It upset me so much and for the most part it was just the rudeness to a family member. She should never speak to someone like she did to me and she acted like she liked my mom so much just to try and make me feel like she cared. It just makes me wonder what happens to my mom and other residents when nobody is there. This is truly one of the biggest concerns we all have about the care of our loved ones.

I plan to write an email tonight letting her know, as well as the executive director how the exchange was and how it made me feel. It is important to communicate with everyone right when something happens so that you do not let things build up.

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