What to do when different situations arise once mom or dad have officially move in?

Senior Couple In Room With Moving Boxes

There are so many different scenarios that can and will occur when you live in one of these places. It is a lot of people receiving all different types of care. Here are just a few important basics for everyone to know. which will make things easier and more organized for you throughout the process.

- Make sure you know who the director and other top people at your senior facility are so that when something happens you know who to contact.  I recommend contacting all the top people together when something happens because it keeps everyone on the same page and avoids people saying they did not know something.

-When something happens make sure to put it in writing. It is easy to be at the facility and see the manager and mention an issue you are having. That is ok to do but make sure you go home and immediately send an email confirming your conversation. Confirm what you told them and what they told you they were going to do. This way you will always have a trail of what you said, who you contacted, how often something happened and a timeline of it all.  This is extremely important for making sure your loved one's needs are met while living there.

-Most likely you will not need these emails but if you do it will be very important to have them to confirm what the facility was informed about and what they may have said back to you.  You should also request responses in writing back from the facility. For example if someone tells you they will have a nurse come check on your mom three times a day then that should be in an email so everyone knows that has been agreed on. Then if something happens the facility can't tell you that it was not in the written care plan.

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