Are you trying to find the right care

for someone you love?

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Confused as to where to start?

Overwhelmed with all the choices and options available?

Nervous about choosing the right place?

Exhausted with all the caregiver responsibilities?

We Can Help You



  • How to start your search

  • Where to look

  • What to ask



  • Printable questions to ask

  • List of documents you should have

  • Printable Medicaid planning info



  • Help you plan your search

  • Organize specific questions to ask

  • Accompany you to facilities

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I can help make the process easier for you!

My name is Pam and I am the mother of three and a teacher with a Master's Degree in Education.  This website was created to provide information and support to families who are planning on helping a loved one move to a  senior living facility or those who are currently living in one.


I started this consulting business because I had to put my mom into an assisted living place a few years ago after a spinal injury left her with limited use of her hands and basically made her almost entirely dependent on people for just about everything she does. It was such a stressful process and having moved her three times I have learned so much about how to handle different situations in these facilities, what not to do, what they don't explain until you are already in, and how to get what you need once you are already living there, etc.  


Things changed in the blink of an eye and I was forced to make many decisions in a very short time.  Each time I had to make a move I learned more and more about the process and also about how to approach problems along the way so as to receive the best care possible for her.  Make sure you know your rights and what can and can't be done regardless of what you are told is the rule. I believe that many of the problems families encounter are due to a lack of information and poor communication within the placement system.


It is very difficult to know what to ask and what you need to know other than the basics. It is such an emotional time for everyone that we can often feel rushed to make decisions even when we don't have all the information we need.

It is my hope that my experience and knowledge can help other families with their journey and provide comfort and confidence that they know everything they need to in order to make the best decision they can for their family.

*I do not recommend specific senior living companies or facilities or receive any financial compensation from facilities if you choose to move there. I am here to provide you with as much helpful information as I can for you to make the best decision for your loved one*

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Pam Kelleher, CSA

Certified Senior Advisor®


Pam Kelleher, CSA